I’m running a Cynefin and Sense-making course in London for the rest of this week and in parallel we are running some advanced SenseMaker® training. Net result the Cognitive Edge management team are in town. So it is short notice but the plan is to have a get together Wednesday evening around 1900 somewhere near Edgware Road.

Aside from a chance to get together I am happy to update people on plans for the new Cynefin Centre at Bangor University, talk about some of the projects we are engaged in. Zhen who will be there is just in from a great participative narrative programme jointly run with the University of Stellenbosch in South Africa, Michael can talk about the new work on safety. I’m currently looking at post conflict resolution, complexity based approaches to project management and many other subjects.

So its come, have a few drinks, eat together and generally catch up. If interested the meet up registration is here.

PS: we are about to launch a mass capture and sensing process around BREXIT so come for details

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