Those of you with RSS feeds may not have seen it yet, in which case click through to the Cognitive Edge site. We have done a complete redesign which hopefully looks better, but which will also make it easier to navigate. Key features include:

  1. We have split the SenseMaker™ site from the main Cognitive Edge one and given it a different style. You will also see the new branding for the software coming through there (all emergent images). There are many reasons for this but mainly it’s because SenseMaker™ is the commercial, revenue generating part of Cognitive Edge network. You can navigate between the two but they have a different look and feel.
  2. My blog is joined by a second from our CEO Steve Bealing, and a guest blog. The first guest blogger is Michael Cheveldave, one of most experienced practitioners. Coming up in a fortnights time will be Gary Klein one of the main inspirations/sources of many of my ideas and concepts. We have a mixture of practitioners, academics and others lined up for the best part of six months for a week or two weeks at a time.
  3. The open source methods are finally in a Wiki (access and editing rights to accredited practitioners), and also have a published form (we will do this from time to time to consolidate work in the Wiki). For those familiar with the Wikipedia we have used the same software so feel free to get stuck in. We hope the new published form is easier to navigate as well but feedback is welcome.

There is still some work to do, but we decided to publish and be damned! We are also recruiting staff in Singapore to provide further support for the software, the web site and the business in general. So expect more improvements over time.

Otherwise, my holiday is over so the blog will return to a more normal style. Expect something on the listserv issue shortly using the polemic tag. I am in the UK for three weeks now, catching up on a range of tasks including a fair amount of writing. Tomorrow I have to wear a black tie for the opening of Liverpool’s new Slavery Museum, where SenseMaker™ is being used to measure it’s impact on visitors, so expect some impressions of both the event itself and the wider issue if slavery, both its historic and current manifestations.

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