Dave Snowden, along with invited thought leaders do a deep dive into some of the core concepts and applications of Cynefin and Sensemaker®.


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A Vector-based Theory of Change

A context might be complex and non-linear, but that doesn’t mean it is random and unreadable. In this webinar, you will learn about the complexity-based alternative to setting goals based on specific outcomes. While a clear goal might work in an environment where effect follows cause, in a complex context it might be a dangerous thing if conditions around you change rapidly. Your goal could blinds you to that change and to new possibilities.

In this session, Dave Snowden shows how a sense of direction is a valuable alternative. A vector integrates three factors: knowing which direction you want to move in, how quickly, and how much effort will be required. An understanding of the concept of vectors, along with the awareness of where you are at the moment places you in the ideal position for leading change, identifying how you can begin, and seeing where it makes sense to intervene.

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Futures & Foresight

This webinar is not about forecasting (where you attempt to predict the future or backcasting (where you imagine an ideal future and trace your steps backward) but about sidecasting and anticipatory awareness and triggering.  Understanding the evolutionary potential of the here and now and identify coherent and viable near term actions that increase resilience in an increasingly uncertain future. ..

Dave Snowden will cover methods for the development of micro-scenarios that can be used to imagine a broader range of future possibilities and the move from prediction to a state of awareness. This webinar’s special guest, Wendy Schulz, will elaborate on futures research and futures fluency and the role vision and goals play when your basis for action is the real present rather than the non-existent future.

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