I just finished reading the Road by Cormac McCarthy, actually I just finished listening to it, as I bought it as an audio-book. I found it absolutely brilliant. I never read anything from McCarthy before (I only watched no country for Old man, which I found a little weird…). But the road is really an exceptional book. The love between the father and the son is completely unconditional; I particularly liked it because it is not “sweet”, it describe a potential reality in all of its ugliness and the little hope that can be found even in the darkest moments. It shows that life has huge difficulties, and sometime, it is very difficult to see a way out, but it is important to teach your children that it is important to keep on going (even it is a difficult and unpalatable message), not to have self pity. It describes the tension which is often present between a parent and a child in a world which at time, you feel, does not help you…. I guess if I did not have any children, I probably I would have not liked it, but I do (I have two) I really enjoyed it….

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