I would like to introduce myself. I am Professor Liz Fulop from the Griffith Business School (GBS) at Griffith University, which is in Queensland, Australia. The Uni has six campuses and I am on the Gold Coast. It seems hard to convince people in Australia that I actually do work while I am there! The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s favourite tourist destinations due mainly to its glorious beaches and balmy weather in winter. I fly to work from Sydney each week (when I am not on leave) and have done so for the past ten years. This is about a 2000km trip each week.

I joined Griffith in 2000 (never intended to but things turned out differently to what I planned) and was Head of the Department of Marketing and Management and then Foundation Dean of Research in the GBS before taking study and long service leave prior to transitioning to a fractional appointment as of 21st May, 2010. Yes, this has been one helluva week!!! I am now the inaugural Professor of Health Management in the GBS and head up the Health Management Research Alliance – a newly emerging research network that has membership from institutions across Australia and New Zealand. I co-lead it and am enjoying the challenge of building this virtual and emerging research grouping from absolute scratch!

I love working at Griffith University and have declined to look at other job offers because I have had (and am) having such a great time where I am. There have been downs of course, but they are so few and far between! That doesn’t mean that I speak for the majority of staff at the Uni – I am only speaking of my experiences and I am someone who has been extremely forthright and assertive (some would say too much so) about getting the fairest and best deal I can for myself whenever I negotiated any change in my career at Griffith – something I learnt a bit too late I think in terms of my previous places of employment in the university sector!

Now the reason I have included the champagne bottle and glasses is that I am celebrating a new phase of my career and one in which I feel a strong sense of control and autonomy. And guess what? This is also my first blog. Given that I have celebrated a rather big milestone in my life in the last week (including turning 60), I think I shall leave you with two quotes (from a book given to me by one of my ex-PhDs):

“You know you’re ancient when you can remember a time when errors were blamed on human beings rather than computers.” (Nicole Reuben) – so any errors in the above, blame them on the computer!!!!

“One of the first signs of getting old is when your head makes dates your body can’t keep” (Kevin Goldstein-Jackson from Joke …After Joke…After Joke), which is especially for Dawn Lincoln who is going to try to keep me blogging until 5th June!!!!

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