This guest blog has been a great example of self-organizing process for me. At least at my intrapersonal scale, it has set all three of the (necessary and sufficient) conditions for self-organizing in human systems. The space and time established a container that held my attention and focus. My various experiences and parsing of sense-making differences established the potential energy for change. Finally, the conversations I described and reflection coupled with writing completed the conditions for active self-organizing pattern formation. Container, difference, and exchange forming similarities, differences, and relationships that have meaning across space and time.

Given the sensitivity to initial conditions, nonlinear causality, high-dimensionality, and massively entangled boundaries in which we all live, these same patterns will never emerge again in exactly the same way. And still, their emergent process and the patterns they formed will persist. They have been fun and illuminating for me. Hope the same is true for you.

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Thanks, Dave. Thanks, Dawn. Thanks, All

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