The St Francis theme is difficult to escape.  Gubbio has the legend of him converting a wolf, Assisi is well Assisi and today's venue includes the island where there was some complex conversation with a fish.  Again the party was not complete with my wife staying back but the destination might have offered water sports and if not looked interesting so we set off and followed one of those wonderful winding mountain roads in Italy, each turn of which reveals another spectacular hill top town.  We passed the site of Hannibal's massacre of two roman legions and finally made the lake.

No watersports of note, but a boat trip to Isola Maggiore offered itself and we took it.  The sun finally came out and created some wonderful effects on the water both on the trip out and the trip back.  When we got there we just had time to walk around and over the island before having a beer and returning.  It became very clear at several points why the lake was a major source of Malaria in the past but I seem to be less attractive to biting insects since I lost weight and changed diet so it was less of a problem.   It was another day of walking in the steps of St Francis although we arrived too late to look around the Church on top of the Island.

The drive back was another spectacular set of mountain roads enlived by a wonderful sunset.  But there was no where to pull over and take pictures.  If course if I was a true Italian driver I would just have stopped and let other people cope!

Photographs of the day


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