I’m supposed to start guest blogging Sunday, but it is still Saturday night where I am.

A few hours ago, the sun set off the Santa Barbara coast. I watched it ooze down through the pastel sky that softens the layers of islands, sea and trees—softens the cares of the day. I sat on the patio step, a bottle of cold beer in one hand, marveling anew at a sight I’ve seen literally thousands of times. But cradled in my other arm, my new daughter was seeing this canvas unfold for the first time.

I’m thinking about time differences because for the most part, I’ll spend the next two weeks reflecting on what I’ve learned from the body of insights and ideas that have accreted around the Cynefin-Cognitive Edge timeline since I first met Dave more than 10 years ago. I’ll be sitting in at the San Diego accreditation course and comparing it to two weeklong sessions in 2003. I’ll try to explain what the Cynefin model has meant to me, my work and my clients. And I’ll ask for your impressions of some of the things that I’ve been noodling about lately.

See you tomorrow…

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