I’m pleased to announce forthcoming accreditation programmes either side of the Tasman. Sydney from the 7th to the 9th of July and Auckland the following week from the 14th to the 16th July. Given the number of practitioners in Australia we are also organising two other events. A network gathering with an interesting local case, plus a practitioner event which will update people on Release 3.0 of SenseMaker™ as well as other major projects and future research directions.

As you will by now know the programme is the basic entry to the Cognitive Edge network and authorises attendees to run projects using SenseMaker™. It now incorporates a raft of new material on the use of social computing with a complexity twist as well as new methods for cross silo knowledge exchange, alternatives to matrix organisations and some pioneering material on complexity based strategy. Special deals available to people who have not been on a programme for a couple of years and want an update.

The course is also sold as three separate days. So if you are only interested in strategy and complexity then day one will serve. The scientific use of narrative is day two and networks and organisational change etc. on day three. Anyone wanting more details ask on the web site or just get in touch.

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