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Why safetySCAN?

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Majority of safety efforts focus on incidents, near misses, and their severity. These are all LAGGING indicators of safety. Attitudes, behaviours, and perceptions are LEADING indicators. safetySCAN enhances traditional approaches by integrating LEADING indicators embedded in the diverse experiences, wealth of knowledge and deep insights retained by your employees on the front-lines.

How is your safety culture reflected in your employees’ everyday experiences and observations? What are your employees seeing on the front-lines that reflect improvements in safety versus safety risks? Is your culture working in support of your safety performance goals, or are aspects of your culture holding you back?

safetySCAN can help you illuminate where your safety culture is strong versus weak. Empower your employees to share and make sense of their day to day experiences. These will build into a dynamic safety culture report that will help you to shape and improve your safety culture.

Sign-up for a safetySCAN today! Within weeks of engaging your employees, you’ll be able to:

  • Generate safety culture insights that provide leading indicators of safety emerging improvements and risks;
  • Engage employees and management in a continuous learning process that breaks down biases and entrenched perspectives
  • Deliver actionable insights to improve safety culture
  • Monitor safety change efforts in real-time; amplify positive effects while moving quickly to manage emerging safety risks

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