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Why cultureSCAN?

If you want to have a look at the demo site first click here.

Culture as reflected in the everyday experiences, motivations, and perspectives of your employees.


How is your culture being reflected in your employees everyday experiences and observations? It’s not only the fragments of conversations your employees are sharing that are critical in making sense of your culture, its the feelings, motivations, and perspectives that are underlying such experiences. The cultureSCAN service is built on a patented form of questioning that allows respondents to add such layers of meaning to their day to day work experiences. These layers of meaning, together with workplace experiences, reveal insights into behavioural patterns and underlying assumptions that reflect an organization’s culture.

Edgar Schein suggests in his highly acclaimed book Organizational Culture and Leadership – “…any group with a stable membership and history of shared learning will have developed some level of culture…”.  It is precisely this shared learning and experiential foundation that Cognitive Edge’s cultureSCAN service has been designed to illuminate.

Take a look at how this demonstration cultureSCAN site empowers employees to make sense of their day to day experiences. As respondents share more and more experiences, patterns reflecting the organization’s culture begin to form.  This report sample gives you a sense of the way patterns start to emerge.

Sign-up yours or your client’s organization for a cultureSCAN today! Within weeks of engaging your employees you’ll be able to:

  • Breakthrough past limitations of traditional surveys and expert-biased qualitative approaches;
  • Create narrative pattern maps that challenge your assumptions of your current culture
  • Deliver actionable insights for change defined by asking: “what do we do to create more employee experiences like these AND less experiences like those?”
  • Monitor culture change efforts in real-time, moving fast to amplify early signs of positive effects while avoiding the negative


cultureSCAN Service Options

We prepare and host your SCAN while you provide respondents to share their experiences and observations.  Data and summary reports are provided according to your needs and scheduled with a CE support person at launch.  Pricing options are divided into through levels:

Quick SCAN
  • One (1) month of collection. Includes an overview pattern insight report.
Continuous SCAN
  • Three (3) months of collection and includes an overview pattern insight report at the end of collection.
Quarterly SCAN
  • One (1) month of collection every quarter and includes an overview pattern insight report at the end of each quarter.

Additional reports or deeper analysis support can be provided on a request basis.

Email us if you’d like to schedule a call with a CE consultant or partner to discuss your SCAN requirements.