OK the road trip has started and I plan a blog a day for the next couple of weeks, reporting and reflecting on the days activities. The reflection is designed to prevent this being be more than a travelogue and I do plan some other blogs in my normal style. For those who don’t want the travel reports then they will be easy to avoid. I will title each one as follows:

Date: Location (picture of the day)

I then plan to take a tip from Bridget Jones’s diary (in the original newspaper column form). That used to start each day with a brief report in italics, I quote from the first:

129 lbs. (but post-Christmas), alcohol units 14 (but effectively covers 2 days as 4 hours of party was on New Year’s day), cigarettes 22, calories 5424

I will replace weight with miles driven, alcohol with photographs taken, cigarettes with grande sized Americano coffees from Starbucks and calories with Starbucks City Mugs added to the collection (I am not alone in this). most pictures will go onto Flicr at the same time and I will also make a note of the accommodation we use.

They may not be on time, this introduction is two days late, but they should all get up in the end as I have reliable internet access.

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