Story-Telling 1: Old skill new context

    Article by D.J. Snowden

    First published in 1999, this article explores the use of story telling for different business purposes. This demonstrates a pragmatic approach to the use of the age-old ability of communities…

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    The Cunning Plots of Leadership

    Article by Thomas A. Stewart

    Nothing serves a leader better than a knack for narrative. Stories anoint role models, impart values, and show how to execute indescribably complex tasks. cc licenced 48_Leadership_-_T_Stewart_-_Fortune

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    How to Think With Your Gut

    Article by Thomas A.

    How the geniuses behind the Osbournes, the Mini, Federal Express, and Starbucks followed their instincts and reached success. cc licenced 49_Thinking_with_your_Gut_(_T_Stewart_article_in_Bus_2)-2

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