The Boisot Blog

    Article by Max Boisot

    A single document with his guest blogs on this site, in tribute to one of the greatsThe Boisot Blog

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    On Understanding Software Agility

    Article by Joseph Pelrine

    An article by Cognitive Edge Accredited Practitioner Joseph Pelrine of MetaProg GmbH about using the Cynefin framework, amongst other models of social complexity, to study where the application of Agile…

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    Using Stories to Increase Sales at Pfizer

    Article by Nigel Edwards, Pfizer

    An article from Melcrum’s Strategic Communications Management magazine about Narrate’s sales improvement project at Pfizer, written by Pfizer communications director Nigel Edwards. 110218-Using-stories-to-increase-sales-at-Pfizer cc licenced

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    Mining Safety: A business imperative

    Article by Aiden Choles, Sonja Blignaut and Nicolaas Herholdt

    Cognitive Edge practitioners Aiden Choles, Sonja Blignaut and Nicolaas Herholdt from The Narrative Lab were commissioned by Deloitte’s Mining Safety division in 2009 to the explore the state of mine…

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    Summary Article on Origins of Cynefin

    Article by Cognitive Edge

    First written by Dave Snowden as a seven-part series in his blog, this document outlines the origins and development of the Cynefin Framework over many years. cc licenced The_Origins_of_Cynefin-Cognitive_Edge

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    Signifier Design for Cultural Mapping project

    Article by Dr. Beth Meriam

    Dr Beth Meriam authored the following material to document the signifier design process for a Cultural Mapping project. Dr Meriam was the principle anthropologist on the project team.   cc…

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    Complex Dynamical Systems Theory

    Article by Dr Alicia Juarrero

    Dr Alicia Juarrero, Professor of Philosophy at Prince George’s Community College, Maryland and published author, is an expert on the subject of complex adaptive systems. She has authored an article,…

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    Bramble Bushes in a Thicket

    Article by C. F. Kurtz and D. J. Snowden

    One of the most fundamental processes in business competition is inter-organizational learning. To create and distribute value across organizational boundaries companies need to learn from their competitors. Increasingly it is…

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