Zhen Goh

Senior Consultant

Zhen Goh makes up part of the Consulting team at Cognitive Edge. She is responsible for engaging clients – from project inception, through the processes of conceptualization and execution, to the final analysis – and assisting them in maximizing Cognitive Edge’s unique sense-making approaches. She also contributes to the further development of the SenseMaker® software.

A Sociologist by training, she has conducted research in the areas of Cultural Studies / Theory, Economic Sociology, Urban Planning, Organization Studies, Sociology of Intimacy and Environmental Sociology.

Before joining Cognitive Edge, Zhen worked as a freelance professional. She has worked with government, NGO and corporate clients, taking on independent research, writing and lecturing duties. Her personal research saw her working closely with many environmental NGOs and opinion leaders in the region, and beyond. She is a member of the EcoCity World Builders, after having presented a paper at the 7th EcoCity World Summit, held in conjunction with UC Berkeley Graduate Extension.

Zhen also holds the posts of Associate Faculty at the Singapore Institute of Management; where she advises on course development, and instructs in the area of Cultural Sociology.

Zhen received her training from the National University of Singapore, where she completed her Bachelor of Social Science (with Honours). She, then, went onto pursue her Masters of Social Science (Sociology), on the University Research Scholarship program.

Outside of work, Zhen loves music, travel, sports, and film. Enjoying the challenge of working within limited resources, she has written and produced for both the independent music and film industry. She has a great love of the field, and all it offers her – the potential for discovery: of new insights into the human spirit, and of the tapestries of culture, art, beauty, and all the stories interwoven within.

She is attracted to narrative, and finds within worlds of possibilities.