I am pleased to say that we have settled accreditation course dates for Europe next month and North America early next year.

Accreditation courses last three days and mix theory (mainly from me) with practice (mainly from network members) and provide a chance to get an in depth understanding of Cognitive Edge methods. They also qualify participants to use the Sensemaker™ software, and allow you to create a profile as a full member of the network.

    The European dates are 18-20 December in London, so a chance to combine with some Christmas shopping. We know this is a bit short notice, but we had some pent up demand so decided to run it anyway. I will be joined on the course by one of the most experienced CE Practitioners, Sharon Darwent. Booking details are here

    The North American dates are 6th – 8th February in Calgary, Canada which is just right for a short skiing holiday for those interested. The booking details are here. This is being run with Foresight Canada and with NuOptiks with one of our leading practitioners Michael Cheveldave teaching along side my good self. (Michael needs to update his profile ….)

We are also looking at provisional dates in Brisbane, Bangkok and Jo’berg as well as Singapore. You can register interest for these here

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