201012312039.jpg Best wishes for 2011

For those interested I did a Podcast a week or so ago for the Yi-Tan Technology Community.   The subject was Navigating Complexity, its a title I’ve used before and its much better than managing complexity or heaven help be reducing complexity both of which have been suggested and rejected in the past. Organised by Jerry Michalski it was centred around three questions.

  • How do chaos, complexity and systems theories differ, overlap and interact?
  • How do people frequently misuse them?
  • What are the consequences?What should we keep in mind for better

I like this format, someone asks a question you answer it and they guide the interview. Jerry is good at this (and provided an excellent summary) and there were some good questions from the other participants.

Painting by Rachel Bomze from her Textures exhibition, one of these days I will own one

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