Back in March 2018, I posted on the differences between models, frameworks, methods, manifestos and creeds; the first in a series of posts on Agile. In those posts I was starting to lay down markers for a current theme I’ve been running in keynotes and meet-ups; namely from Agile to agility. That, in turn, is one (small but key) element in a new fractal approach to combining strategy and tactics in a single architecture which if it pans out is my life work – its been twenty years in development and I’m pretty close now to pulling it all together. Another element is developing work on apex predator theory, the latest post (I think) was back in March 2017 but I’ve moved that on since but not yet written anything, in part because its one of the key links with Simon Wardley’s work on maps. By coincidence, both posts were on the 3rd of the month! I should really add the idea of maps as a means of navigation to the 2018 list and will do that at some stage.

But for the moment I’m holding off on both as we have a critical event coming up in a few weeks time namely the Wardley-Snowden Masterclass. That has done well given the short notice and we are trying to get some more residential places sorted (that option sold out fast) but you have a few days to secure a place on what should be a seminal event. The Masterclass series (this is the first) are designed to link Cynefin and associated methods with other compatible ideas – we will shortly announce ones on OODA and ToC; negotiations are also underway for an exciting on the role of aesthetics and art in complexity and organisational change. But the one with Simon will be the first and it’s an area that has had a lot of people excited for some time; from both communities.

I also see this as one of the key building blocks in the whole issue of bridging strategy with practice in near real time evolutionary approaches to managing uncertainty – the post-Porter approach to strategy. So this event is a real chance to be in on the ground floor of that work.

If anyone is desperate to come and really can’t afford it we have a couple of scholarship places (cost plus a little) if you’re prepared to be a scribe or pick up on some of the post processing. Get in touch if interested.

More on this after the event and I’ll get onto the promised culture series tomorrow. Thanks to all by the way for the 100% positive feedback to yesterday’s news – over multiple social media sources. Its been encouraging.






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