I gave my annual keynote at KM World today, preparation was short as I managed to facilitate a meeting between two of the foundation thinkers on whose ideas I drew to create the Cognitive Edge approach.  Alicia Juarerro's Dynamics in Action and Gary Klein's Sources of Power are both classics in their field and I have had the privilege of working with both of them.  The three of us got entangled in a discussion that ranged from Socrates through sophism to the use of counter-factuals and metaphor.  In the end Gary gently pointed out that I should leave and get the keynote ready so I did!  It went down well if the twitter stream and the questions afterwards are an indication and a lot of people came in on the life streaming.   I suspect that is still available on the KM World web site, but the podcast and slides are now loaded.  I'll pick up on some of the themes in bogs over the next week or so.

There were a fair number of how can we learn more and what do do next questions at the end.  The best way to follow up on the ideas and getting engaged in the practice we run both introductory and advanced courses on a regular basis.  There are two coming up on the East Coast in Boston this December (11-12 & 13-14) and Washington in January (15-16 & 17-18).  We've settled on a special discount for KM World attendees for those two so if you want to use that get in touch with 20-21 & 22-23) and Advanced course on its own in Calgary this November (19-20) and Seattle in December (5-6).   At the moment I teach the bulk of the Advanced course and experienced practitioners teach the rest plus the Foundation course.  However that will change next year so if you want to want me to do the teaching book early to avoid disappointment!

The Washington one in January will focus on Government/NGO examples and I am planning to do something special for those who book on both on the evening of the 16th so watch for announcements on that.  If anyone fancies hosting that (and has the facilities) we normally swap two places in return then everyone benefits.

In response to a few questions, yes we will taylor the material to provide in house options, often combined with project definition workshops. Again contact me if you want to discuss something


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I had no formal duties at KM World today but I enjoyed Dave Weinberger as ...


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