liminal cynefin image

liminal cynefin image

I decided it would be a good idea to make the image of Cynefin available, if only to reduce the change of people drawing it as a two by two and adding a diamond to keep me happy. Typical Saxon tendency, reducing Celtic curves to straight lines. I’ve made it available in Powerpoint as Keynote users can pick that up – it was generated in Keynote. I don’t know why I didn’t do this before but better late than never. I’ll also aim to add more images later and all of them for black and white backgrounds.

I put some effort here into positioning the liminal domain, but I’ll amplify that in a subsequent post where I add in the dynamics along with bullet points for all the shared domain slides. One point I didn’t make in my last post on the subject was the advantage the liminal model gives to those people who find it difficult to grasp the transient nature of the Chaotic and Disordered domains, even those who don’t see a difference. With the liminal version we now have:

  1. A main chaotic domain which is a crisis, the absence of effective constraint and a liminal area which is where managed innovation and sense-making can place.
  2. A liminal area of the complex domain which allows me to distinguish between iterative approaches (such as Scrum) and parallel safe to fail experiments and emergent catalysts in the complex domain.
  3. A final resolution of the authentic and inauthentic aspects of disorder.

So hopefully this helps and I’ll wait to see if people pick up and use the images. If its useful I will add more over time.

The top image by the way its a cynefin one, in these sense of being a place of my multiple belongings. Its the western ridge from Cadair Idris and yes its me, one of my walks with companions. The next time I’m there will be on the 1st March 2018 on what should be day 65 of my round and back through Wales walk. The final three days are mountain days and the date chosen is significant so I hope that Dylan Thomas’s designation of the mountain will not apply that day.

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