For those waiting on my how I would have done it post on the whole WestJet/Toronto fiasco you will have to wait another day.   I had too much work to clear today to allow me thinking time.  So I have reserved that task for my three flights tomorrow: Halifax-Toronto-Chicago-Minneapolis.  Well I hope there will be three and they will all be tomorrow and I will be on them!  It hasn't started well with the WestJet site now allowing me to checkin.  

Whatever, today was a catch up day, mostly trying to clear email.   I made one trip out to Pete's (highly recommended) to buy lunch and dinner, another for coffee and a conversation with a PhD student and then finally a quick round of the citadel to watch the sunset and try and get my fitbit count up to 10k for the day.  That trip allowed to take a few shots of what for me is the iconic landmark in Halifax, namely the two masts that top the old British Navel fortress.  Halifax was of course the major North American navel base from before the American Ware of Independence through to the modern day where it was the starting point for the North Atlantic convoys in WWII.  

It still has the feel of a naval town, as well as the actuality although the Canadian Navy presence is smaller that the port's capacity.  There are pubs that could be uprooted from Portsmouth and there are also some excellent breweries that serve all manner of beers.  The masts themselves were there to allow full naval signals to be hoisted and they face out the harbour that has seen so much history.   Halifax harbour itself is still a working habour and it is not pretty but it is beautiful in its way.   I'll miss it when I leave tomorrow.


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