For those waiting for them the slides and podcast are now loaded. I used the iPod as my Voice Recorder has been lost/stolen so its a biggish file. Focus was on social computing in the context of change and includes the 7 principles of Knowledge Management. Time ran out so I didn’t do the last slide. But for those interested this is what I would have said:

  • There are a series of tools and techniques that can help understand the fragmented world. I’ve been writing about those in KM World so if you want to know what I would have said about blog storms and other methods go there
  • In terms of security I was going to argue that values (or ideation cultures) are more important than rules too ensure security. Its about the commitment of your staff, not compliance. That is best achieved by heuristics, training involving tolerated failure and audit capability (we can now do that with SenseMaker™ for anyone interested)
  • Things will always change, applications are transitory and architecture is everything. Focus on capability & capacity rather than functionality, people can get that from what exists, and what will shortly exist
  • Publishing builds networks builds capabilities. I started the talk with this so its in the podcast

I will pick up on day two of the conference with a blog tomorrow. And just for the record I am going to start getting firm about future keynotes, 40 minutes is not enough time to allow for the presentation of novel ideas and/or allow for questions. For those who want a longer exposition of the same themes then KM Asia (another ARK event) allowed a proper length of time and a lot of the same material can be found here.

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