DSC_4671.jpg An attempt to hire a boat this morning failed, Through the previous week there have always been fleets of the things moored nearby but this morning all were hired. So instead we headed inland to the Valpolicella region and the waterfalls of Parco delle Cascate. The mountain villages here have a charm all of their own, with rooms mixing huge slaps of stone with more traditional tiles. The Park itself involves a long, knee jarring descent to the foot of the valley, with the knowledge that its all up hill to return to the car.

I was also recovering from the electronic handbrake on the hire car on a typical alpine road. A traditional handbrake allows you to stop on a hill and then start again, the electronic one makes this a hazardous exercise especially where there are no barriers. I had my son on standby the place rocks under the wheels if we got stuck, but fortunately we didn’t.

DSC_4689.jpg The park itself is well signposted and has some great attractions for children. I liked the swing positioned by one of the waterfalls (pictured). You place a suitably scared child on the swing and propel them towards the water!   

A sense of moral worth from the climb justified moving onto a wine museum, the purchase of several bottles and grappa. After than the Olive Oil museum and we now have multiple varieties of oil and Balsamic to wrap carefully within hold luggage for the return in a weeks time.

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