Screen shot 2010-03-17 at 01.03.05.png Getting the task of closing or opening a conference is always a more interesting task than slotting in to the middle somewhere. Opening you can set the agenda, closing you have the responsibility to reflect on what other people have said and leave people with some new ideas and thinking so they go away on a high. For IRAHS2010 I had the closing session, but with the very specific brief to summarise the event and also to be provocative. Net result was I had to listen carefully and take notes for two days, and gradually start to put some slides together in the last hour before I stood up to speak.

The conference is the third in the series and I have been at all of them, this one to my mind reflected the maturity of the tools used by the foresight community and the consequent need for some radical rethinks. I took the opportunity of the presentation to revisit the S-Curves specially around the subject of foresight. My earlier version was around Management Theory in general, here I was more specific. My tribute as ever to Singapore for leading in this field, something that was acknowledge by speakers from the US as well. The slides are here, and the podcast is here.

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On being a disruptive technology……

As I am nearing my 40th year of self employment, being a disruptive technology is ...


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