Our second blog during this open period comes from Hazel Edmunds (The Snowden cousins are all called Edmunds so there may even be a connection) who raises an important political issue with the UK, but almost certainly there are similarities elsewhere in the world.

Well, you did say to write about anything and I’ve been dwelling over the last few days about the proposed immigration bond.

It seems to me that law-abiding families may well find that £1,000 to guarantee that their relative returns home may be the final straw which means that Granny will never see her grandchildren. However, those concerned less with legality and more with profit will simply pay up, with their victim’s money, and get away with it. The victim may, of course, be found and deported — although given the track record of this present administration this seems unlikely — but those managing illegal immigration will not be dealt with and will simply move on to the next victim.

In conclusion Hazel an important question

What can people of influence (which isn’t me) do about this situation?

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