Yesterday, I had a great meeting with Søren Raaschou, who is an accredited Cognitive Edge practitioner, just like me. We met to get to know each other and to exchange experiences with applying CE techniques in consulting projects. Søren Raaschou works in his company Posility with CE techniques and applies them with an internal focus on the organisation. My focus in Scuttlebutt is more market oriented; think branding, marketing, product innovation, and customer services.

It was refreshing and inspiring. Refreshing because my beliefs in the CE methods and the general applicability of the concepts of complexity, systems thinking and sensemaking. Inspiring because we all apply this knowledge a little bit different.

However, whether you’re “a believer” in Denmark, UK, Holland or elsewhere, we are still outnumbered by people, who – even in complex context – feel more comfortable with just applying old well known techniques like BPR and 6∑, though these techniques were developed for stuff like optimising a linear production line. So we have to huddle up, a educate the world together.

I already have experience with this. From 1999 to 2001 I worked in the marketing department of Denmarks former national telecom TDC (Tele Denmark Communications). Ten years ago it was more about marketing Internet, than marketing yourself as an internet service provider (ISP). So our campaigns helped our competitors almost as much as they helped ourselves at that time. The market had to be matured, and we all benefited from the organic growth that followed. We have to stand together and do the same now!

A change is already underway. Different ideas are emerging independantly about the same topics – ideas that share similar concepts and patterns. But that alone won’t suffice, unless we are willing to wait another decade or two before we really break through.

I suggested to Søren that we start a network in Denmark for people who also believe in developing management methods, grounded in complexity theory. He agreed. So, I have taken it upon myself now to find people in Denmark, who’d be interested in joining such a network. I only blast it out here on the CE blog, because I have certain flattering ideas and expectations about you ladies and gents. I expect that to begin with, the network will grow by invitation only. However, if any of you know people in Denmark who’d be interested in joining or would just be good for me to meet, then give me a bell or drop me an e-mail! Please. I mean, so far we’re just two.

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