For those interested myself and Michael Jackson will be doing a webinar on Horizon Scanning in March. Details below and expect some blogs on the subject shortly. Cognitive Edge is engaged in an exciting project with Shaping Tomorrow (Mike’s company) that could transform Horizon Scanning so this a chance to get some early insight.

Ark Group Webinars presents:

Professor Dave Snowden & Dr Michael Jackson on
Protecting your organisation against future uncertainty

A 1 hr 30 min webinar
Thursday 19th March, 4.00 – 5.30 pm

Expert interactive advice delivered direct to your desktop.

PRICE: £145+VAT. Please book me on to this webinar

Combining the discipline of horizon scanning with social computing technology to help your organisation plan for the future

Anticipating and preparing for future challenges, trends and opportunities is always an essential component of any organisation’s strategy but, recently, in these times of economic instability and unpredictability, this task seems all the more important and it should be at the top of every leader’s list.

Horizon Scanning is defined by the Government Office for Science as:
‘the systematic examination of potential threats, opportunities and likely future developments, including (but not restricted to) those at the margins of current thinking and planning’ and may explore novel and unexpected issues as well as persistent problems or trends.

Now, with the advent of social computing technology, this traditional discipline takes on a new authority.
In this webinar, one of the world’s leading experts in of horizon scanning, Dr Michael Jackson, and one of the world’s leading experts in advanced social computing, Professor Dave Snowden, will come together to explain how these two disciplines can work together to help organisations plan for the future and protect themselves against unexpected threats.

In this talking heads format, bringing to bear their experience of working with three UK government ministries, your webinar leaders will present key examples of the use of horizon scanning combined with social computing in large organisations.

So, when the webinar has concluded, you will be able to take away ideas for using horizon scanning with social computing technology in your own organisation to protect against future uncertainty and exploit upcoming opportunities.

Not sure about what attending a webinar involves? E-mail us with your questions or view the webinar FAQ online.

PRICE: £145+VAT. Please book me on to this webinar

Who should attend? Chief Executives * Chief Officers * Managing Directors * Managing Partners * Senior Partners * Directors of Risk Management * Risk Managers * Finance Directors…and anyone with a leadership role.

Why webinars?
+ Get up to date with critical issues without eating into your working time (particularly critical for fee earners!)
+ Expert interactive advice delivered direct to your desktop
+ No travel to events
+ No hotel or travel costs
+ All our legal webinars are CPD accredited
+ A chance to ask questions to the speaker whilst watching
+ Downloadable course notes
+ Easy to use interface with full technical support
+ The webinar takes place in a secure password protected environment

If you have any questions regarding webinars please email us

PRICE: £145+VAT. Please book me on to this webinar. Alternatively call 020 8785 2700.

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