Final day of two working up here in Deiniolen (it's near Llanberis in case you don't know).  We have two technical teams, one in Singapore and a new one here in North Wales linked into the University.   Last night we held an event at the. University to recruit local authorities and others to a series of projects in social work and health.   There will be a new SenseMaker® Web site shortly and that multi-country  programme will be featured along with our new Culture Scan offering.  The scan will be a sub $2k capability with wide applicability.

it's the first time we have involved users in early stage software design, some here in North Wales others coming in by webinar and it was a really good experience.  The picture shows the meeting area of the old chapel where our developers work (and some live).  One of the things I have worked out over the years is that when you are doing new things you need is technical staff and users who share the vision and importantly the ability to handle what I call necessary ambiguity.  

So more on that soon, but for the moment I wanted to flag up something coming soon and for you to see the picture.   Oh and I chose  the title with purposeful intent.

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