In conjunction with a not for profit group Innovation Health with the involvement of John we are launching a public access narrative database on global health issues, including subjects such as child vaccinations and obesity. This is a pilot that may grow into a operational system or systems. It will also create a demonstration database for an important emerging area of our work in health. It is also a part of a body of work we are doing linked to training and other activities in the new year around public health in the US and elsewhere.

What we would like you to do (and please propagate this message as far as you can) is to enter the system (password is HEALTH) and tell us some stories! We’ll make sure that we publish some of the results early in 2009 and keep you up to date on progress. given that its a pilot we are also looking for some feedback via email to John and use the same link for any questions or concerns.

Its important that you read and accept the text below before taking part in the project and please do not use actual names in any of the stories:

By participating in the survey, you acknowledge, accept and approve the use of the information provided by Innovation Health and the Cognitive Edge practitioner network. Innovation Health will use the information to observe patterns that the stories may reveal. The Cognitive Edge practitioner network may use the information collected as a demonstration data set to illustrate the applicability of sense-making to health and wellness.

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