Yukon_trainingOne of the aspects of sense-making we emphasize in all our training programmes is the value of contrast. Since complex systems are inherently unordered, without any underlying repeating structure, their is no absolute baseline or reference. Hence contrasting from differences in the system (I.e. perspective, context, location, etc.) provides an effective means of making sense.

So what does this have to do with the title of this post? Well if you are wondering where Whitehorse is its in northern Canada in the Yukon territory neighbouring Alaska. Although Whitehorse is the capital of the Yukon, it is sparsely populated (moose out number people more than 2:1) and very remote. Arguably there is no other urban mega-city than New York which reflects the complete opposite on the scale of cities. Now Whitehorse is larger than a village or small town but the contrast with NYC is immense.

In February Dave will be delivering two Cynefin & Sense-making training courses in North America – New York City (Feb 8-11) and Whitehorse, Yukon (Feb 15-18).  I’ve been given the honour of supporting him in Whitehorse! Both locations have active Cognitive Edge practitioners engaged in applying Cynefin and many using SenseMaker®. The diversity of the projects and people attending our training courses gives great contrast value in learning the application of complexity, Cynefin, and sense-making. The benefit of us instructors delivering in different locations and cultures is it keeps the material fresh with new ideas and refinements to the approaches. Both the NYC and Whitehorse training courses are positioned to offer an excellent curriculum of the most current CE thinking and application with unique backdrops!

So please join us either in NYC or Whitehorse in February. For all our American friends I must say the Whitehorse session has just recently been further discounted due to the currency markets and devaluation of the Canadian dollar. And accommodations and expenses are very reasonable compared with the big apple!

Anyone interested in attending both sessions please send us an email and we would be happy to offer an attractive bundle discount. If we talk with our CE  friends in the Yukon we may even plan a unique outdoor experience but warm clothing will be a must!

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