One final post before I pass the baton on to someone else.

The European gang of Cognitive Edge practitioners/students/aspirers has started meeting on a semi-regular basis every few months since September. No great aspirations and, until this next one, no official Cognitive Edge presence. Just a chance to share experiences, frustrations and opportunities, and to build alliances for future projects.

So far we’ve met in Luton, Brussels and Wageningen. The next meeting will be in London – at Middlesex University near Hendon on Friday 18th February 2011. It’s an easy train ride from St Pancras Intl station at one end and Luton airport at the other – making it easy for many European cities.

All are welcome, but the focus is on the practice rather than the theory. More details should be going up on my blog in the next week or so – and we’ll be organising more in the coming months.

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