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Reimagine Leadership 2030

2030 marks the year by which nations agreed to secure a sustainable future in areas such as climate change and sustainble city development. In ten years time Sweden is also estimated to have clearly less resources for welfare and healthcare due to an ageing population and changed demographics. Efforts to meet these scenarios​ are being made and the Sustainable Development Goals inspire hope. But it also call for radical shifts in how leadership and organisations operate, with current approaches proving inefficient in responding to an ever more complex, fast-paced and uncertain landscape. We need to unlearn past patterns and habits while also re-imagining our own practices.

Decisive action is necessary for us to adapt and continue creating the conditions for prosperous organisations and a sustainable future to emerge. But what kind of action? How do we navigate when clear goals, well-defined strategy, and control mechanisms no longer seem to take us where we want to go? How do we prepare to successully create collaborative cultures in which it is ok to not have answers and certainty?

We invite leaders, practitioners, acitivists and experts from various sectors to explore, learn and advance our work together. What do we need to do today to support the transformations our ambitions for 2030 call for?

More information about this event available at https://www.malmoakademin.se/reimagine.html.


January 21 – January 22


(All day event)