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Product Innovation Meetup

Waters are delighted to announce our Product Innovation Meetup in Brasov with special guest – Dave Snowden.

Snowden, the creator of the Cynefin framework, subject of an award winning Harvard Business Review article and acknowledged by the Academy of Management as one of the first practical examples of the use of complexity theory in decision support and strategy. Extensively used within the Agile community the Cynefin framework offers a radical new approach to issues of scaling and integrating Agile into the wider organisation; one that can both reduce cost and increase effectiveness.

This keynote will introduce the basis sciences, as well as the practice of treating the organisation as a complex adaptive system. It will look at ways in which unarticulated needs can be surfaced to reduce project risk and increase the impact of Agile on the wider business. Practical tools to map culture (and its impact) on a real time basis along with new approaches distributed decision support will be described in the context of seeing IT development as a part of a complex eco-system of social and technical interactions.

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March 5


4:30 pm – 6:30 pm