dilbert2007029326511.gifOne of my first ever blogs reflected on my experiences with BT help lines. Six months later I have re-entered the fray. I discovered (BT did not tell me) that that was a new deal that combined HotZone public wireless access, An internet phone and broadband access which would half my costs on those services. Either way multiple emails and escalations later I finally managed to get the service upgraded. The new BT Home hub arrived and guess what? It didn’t work. So the saga starts, BT will only deal with the account owner and I was away so my son had to pretend to be me (and performed well). Multiple phone calls from India over a week got no where and the issue was still active the following week when I got home. It took two one hour phone calls to different people for them to acknowledge that the unit was faulty. So it was replaced and, low and behold the new hub worked, but the wireless range was less than my previous unit so it now works in all rooms of the house, except my study and the sitting room (the two places I work). It also fluctuates in strength even with all adjacent electrical units switched off. I started the support process via the web site. 48 hours with no reply on what is meant to be a 24 hour turn around I sent a reminder. I have now been scheduled for a support call next week. I am not hopeful so if anyone knows of a good signal amplifier that will work with the homehub, or has any other advice please provide it!

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I am writing this just after listening to Jimmy Wales speak here at the APQC ...


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