Virtual Cynefin Foundations now in four languages!

16 July 2020


2020 is showing us how quickly our world can change. The thinking and decision-making that worked well for a more predictable past are no longer effective in navigating the rapidly emerging future. New patterns of thought, sense-making, and tools are needed to help guide us through today’s complex challenges.

The Cynefin Framework supports sense-making for decision-making, leading and managing in complexity and uncertainty.

We have scheduled several Virtual Cynefin Practitioner Foundations courses, across all time zones and in different languages. Participants will have the opportunity to experience new ways of thinking and sense-making, and build understanding of how this provides us with the necessary capacity to act in a way that matches the dynamics of our contexts.

Authorised Cynefin® Trainer, Ian Macdonald, and candidate trainer, Gino Terentim have been doing a great job leading our transition to virtual. The first Virtual Foundations courses in Portuguese have received excellent reviews. Our first virtual Participants (some of whom also experienced an in-person course in the past) enjoyed some of the training exercises even more in the virtual class. Breakout sessions have proven to be very positive experiences, with profound insights emerging from the conversations. An added bonus of virtual delivery is the increased geographical diversity of participants, and the opportunity to engage with these distinct perspectives and experiences.

We are expanding the languages we are able to support. The Virtual Cynefin Practitioners Foundations program is now available globally in four languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.