Transcending the Crisis – learn, innovate & re-imagine

These are unprecedented times, and managing through them will require us to develop new strategies. As Churchill famously mused, “never waste a good crisis”. With massive disruptions also come opportunities for learning, innovation and reimagining the future of your business.

Every one of us is involved in navigating this new normal, and scanning the horizon for new ways of working. This collective experience, if properly harnessed, will create a rich body of data to improve how we can make decisions about navigating the future.

This collection of offerings is focused on helping organisations to manage through uncertainty by providing platforms to harness this new knowledge and experiences, and incorporate a diversity of perspectives which can contribute to the robustness and resilience of your organisation’s strategy for the new normal.

Our existing maps and plans no longer work. This is an opportunity to chart new pathways, and to identify opportunities that could be transcendental.


futures-2FutureScan – Identify adjacent possibilities

We are in uncharted territory, and our existing maps and plans will no longer work.  Instead of making big moves towards a defined future state, we need to identify adjacent possibilities and take small safe-to-fail steps in directions that might offer the most potential. Picture the metaphor of crossing a river on stepping stones. FutureScan is designed to tap into the diversity of perspectives and wisdom that reside in the people around us – our staff, suppliers, partners, experts, so we may collectively identify these possible stepping stones. The more diverse your scanning, the better.

FutureScan allows organisations to gather large numbers of micro-scenarios that will help decision-makers determine the direction they should set, as well as to locate that next stepping stone.

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Picture-1Learning Journal – Capture the learning as it is happening


What are people learning as they navigate the COVID19 disruption?

What are they doing differently?

How are they innovating their work practices?

What risks are they observing?

The answers to these questions are critical to shape the post-pandemic business landscape.  During times of crisis, learning unfolds rapidly in real-time.  When the moment passes or if left for too long, we either forget the details, or apply retrospective coherence to what happened.

LearningJournal, powered by SenseMaker® allows you to capture learnings, ideas, and emerging risks as they unfold. Find the practices and innovations that are emerging in your organisation now. These could be game-changers for your future.