Integrating Lean, Cynefin® and the Toyota Flow System

Last week Dave Snowden and Michael Cheveldave continued Cognitive Edge’s close collaboration with the developers of the Toyota Flow System.  We are excited about the break-through discussions with Nigel Thurlow, Brian Rivera, and Dr. John Turner, together with Dr. Dirk Van Goubergen and Charlie Protzman, who are experts of the Toyota Production System, Lean, and Flow.



Exploring links (theory and method) of Cynefin® with Lean.


Making its world debut this week, Nigel shared the Toyota Flow System in detail at AME Chicago 2019 – the world’s largest lean conference! We are excited to share this video on the Evolution of Lean and the launch of the Toyota Flow System. (Cynefin is featured at 1m 58s).


Stay tuned as we’ll be announcing more exciting developments from our collaboration on The Toyota Flow System in the coming months!

The collaboration team is currently highly engaged on working through the full integration potential of Lean, Cynefin® and the wider elements defining the Toyota Flow System.




An immediate opportunity to learn and participate

John Boyd’s OODA (Observe – Orient – Decide – Act) loop is a key element to the Toyota Flow System and shares sense-making qualities with the Cynefin framework. Timely for this collaboration is Cognitive Edge’s Exploration with Dave Snowden and Brian Rivera in Quantico, Virginia, 11-13 November. Should you be able to make the necessary arrangements, we have limited seats available. Nigel Thurlow will be attending, so a great opportunity to join in on the conversation on Toyota Flow System, Cynefin, and OODA!