Sensemaker® News: good progress with new generation of Pulse.Sense.Evolve

4 April 2019

In April we can expect the new generation of Pulse-Sense-Evolve (PSE) scans to hit the market. The first one to go live will be focused on understanding employee attitudes toward Cyber Security. This will be followed by PSE’s focused on Wellbeing, Organizational Agility, Organizational Culture, Cynefin Decision Making, and more. We are looking forward to sharing the early releases of these products with consultants who are eager to test them and develop more sophisticated reports.  Initially, this invitation will be exclusive to our Cognitive Edge Premium Members, so if you’d like to participate, make sure you are a member.

E-mail us if you are interested to learn more about testing Pulses.

The development of the Open APIs platform is proceeding steadily as well and all new graphical components developed for the Pulses will be made available in the Client SDK layer, to allow over time an easier creation of customized user interfaces for specific Powered by SenseMaker® solutions.

With the theme of customisation, we have been starting the work on creating seamless experiences across toolsets. This includes the ability to embed tools such as collector directly into a website rather then directing users to a new page. We are excited about these enhancements of the end user experience and how it will increase of the ability of an organisation to capture stories in Sensemaker® where and when it is needed.