Friday Five – Week 104

Here’s what we’re looking at this week…

The Cynefin Practitioners Foundations course is coming to Brazil in November! (And also London, and Hong Kong)



Una de las formas más claras que he encontrado en estos años para explicar el contexto en el cual Scrum, como marco de control empírico, es más eficiente, tiene que ver con el enfoque de la complejidad de Cynefin, acuñado en 2000 por Dave Snowden1.

Ilustración: Marco Cynefin

El marco Cynefin compara las características de cinco dominios de complejidad diferentes: simple, complicado, complejo, caótico y desordenado, en el centro (ver ilustración). Analicemos cada uno de ellos.

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Doctrine, domesticity and delinquency; returning Agile to the Wild

Dave will deliver a keynote at the upcoming Agile People Sweden 2018 Conference, Oct 23-26 in Stockholm.

“Like many movements over history, Agile started with a great idea whose ideas continue to inspire many people, but the modern equivalent of religious wars, minor splits over doctrine and crass commercialization have compromised those ideas. Is all lost or can we get back the original inspiration of the Agile Manifesto?

If Agile is going to move outside of the fields of software development and support to the wider organization what will need to change? In the wild there are only a few variations in canines, but domestication had produced multiple variations, but within those variations aggressive breeding to reinforce differences. The net result is a set of increasingly harmful genetic changes; is the same happening to Agile? How do we avoid this?”

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