Friday Five – Week 101

This week we look at Sensemaker® in lieu of the upcoming Sensemaker® Demo Week.

You are also welcome to browse through our Friday 5 archive for more Sensemaker® stories and case studies.

What is Sensemaker®?

FirstHuman partner Richard Atherton interviews Cognitive Edge Founder and leading complexity thinker Dave Snowden on applications for Cognitive Edge’s SenseMaker platform. They discuss how it can be used to mine a “human sensor network” in your organisation to support improved decision making for innovation and culture change.


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Examining the feasibility of an innovative monitoring and evaluation (M&E) tool, Cognitive Edge’s SenseMaker®, to generate timely mixed methods data about SGBV programs.


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Cognitive Edge

SafetySCAN with Sensemaker

How is your safety culture reflected in your employees’ everyday experiences and observations? What are your employees seeing on the front-lines that reflect improvements in safety versus safety risks? Is your culture working in support of your safety performance goals, or are aspects of your culture holding you back?

safetySCAN can help you illuminate where your safety culture is strong versus weak. Empower your employees to share and make sense of their day to day experiences. These will build into a dynamic safety culture report that will help you to shape and improve your safety culture.

A SCAN is a SenseMaker® Online service that has been pre-configured for fast deployment for select areas of narrative inquiry.  Any organization can now quickly deploy a SCAN to gather observations and experiences from their employees or customers providing rich insights.

Click here for a preview of a SafetyScan in SenseMaker®.

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Michael Cheveldave

Customer experiences as narrative

I  was prompted by an email exchange earlier this week about a company seeing customer experience as the make or break for succeeding at a brand transformation or a brand change initiative.  SenseMaker® is being considered but is currently viewed as a technology driven solution which was a concern as this particular company has seen far too many other technology driven solutions fail with little or no adoption.  This bothered me as I have seen many people quickly categorize SenseMaker® as a technology solution which to my mind is a very limited perspective on what it offers. Most if not all of my introductory conversations emphasize that SenseMaker® is a narrative or engagement driven solution that uses technology to aid in scaleability as well as to facilitate wider and deeper scanning.

I often emphasize the process of journalling real-time observations and capturing fragments of natural conversations over the technology and process of recording and representation. As such the focus is on capturing a sufficient sample of a wider flow of experiences moment to moment. What you want to emphasize is that a SenseMaker® initiative should seek at creating a way of tapping into the natural discourse or multiple flows of micro-narratives (experiences, observations, reflections, or “what-ifs” in the form of micro scenarios) in sufficient volume to enable the organization to be far more effective at sensing the current reality including the dynamic shifts in real time.

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Cynefin insights where it matters

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