Exploring the synergies between the Cynefin® Framework & OODA

13 December 2019

The 3-day masterclass started with a battlefield walk led by Don van der Griff, an expert in military history and in particular mission command, and Dave. This was a fascinating experience, actually being there made the stories so much more impactful.

Over the next two days, we had brief presentations by Chet Richards, Ian Brown and Dave Snowden, and many insightful conversations. A highlight was our visit to the library on the Marine base at Quantico where we were given access to the archives containing John Boyds original notes and presentations.  


Walking the battlefields with Dave & Don van der Griff



Exploring Boyd’s notes and favourite books in the Quantico Marine Library


Boyd was pretty serious about marking up …


OODA and Cynefin are both incredibly rich, so fully exploring the potential synergies will require more than 3 days.

You can read a reflection by one participant here – http://www.theillinoismodel.com/2019/11/hot-wash-debrief-ooda-cynefin.html

I highly recommend attending a Cognitive Edge MasterClass if you can. They are pricey. They can be difficult to travel to. But they attract high-quality people who are there for the right reasons. Want to see who attended? This LinkedIn post tags most of the participants! These people allowed me to ask questions and share my own perspectives. It was such a respectful environment that allowed for healthy tension, disagreement, and opposition. “  Lou Hayes Jr