Announcement: Webinar series with Dave

3 June 2019

Change is all around us: spring and autumn give way to summer and winter; technology moves on and even iTunes is going the way of the dodo. Here at Cognitive Edge we have also been making some changes, building on our ideas, fleshing out our approaches and trying to bring you the results with as much immediacy as possible. One new development we are excited about is the launch of a new Webinar Series with Dave, where he, along with other thought leaders do a deep dive into some of the core concepts and applications of Cynefin and Sensemaker.    


Here are the three webinars for 2019 you can look forward to –



A Vector-Based Theory of Change, a webinar with Dave Snowden, June 20 (1200-1300 London)







Futures & Foresight, a webinar with Dave Snowden and Wendy Schultz, August 14 (1200-1300 London)







Distributed ethnography & ideation, a webinar with Dave Snowden & Sonja Blignaut, November 13 (1500-1600 London)




Cognitive Edge Premium Members receives a complimentary ticket to attend one of these Webinars, and qualify for a 10% discount on the standard ticket price for these webinars. Please see email for details.


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