This is my very first and therefore utterly serious post as a guest blogger for the Cognitive Edge site. When I was invited to do this, I felt both happy and worried. Happy because it’s a tremendous honor to write for such a select and intelligent audience. Worried because I had so much to say, but had to wait for four or five months before being able to do so.

Now these months have passed, like whoosh, and I find that what I had to say is perhaps less interesting than I then imagined. Some topics just faded. Others are off limits as I am forbidden to discuss work. And others again are – well – important for me personally, but perhaps not exactly what people visiting this site are looking for.

So for starters and to be organisationally correct, I’ll just list some of my worries.


Ouch, I can’t list them. They are intertwined.

Environment history justice energy math poetry statistics philosophy death understanding economy biology chaos thinking child arithmetic love money probability growth

My now foremost concern, next to (or because of) taking care of my wonderful ten year old son, is well expressed by:

Of course there’s also philosophy and music. Poetry and dance. And all those other subjects I just thought of. But let’s start here, my story gathering friends.

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