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Cynefin21 – Cynefin® & Innovation

Webinar Recording: October 2020

Whilst some industries push at the edge of the complex to try to move things into the Ordered domains, Innovation practitioners push in the other direction. They recognise that innovation seldom occurs in the stifling domains of the Ordered. Exaptation and radical repurposing happen only when constraints shift. How do we loosen constraints to stimulate exaptation? How do we catalyse ecosystems that encourage innovation? How do we move from Plantations to Rainforests?

Jesko von den Steinen is a former principal solo artist with Cirque du Soleil, and currently an experience consultant with PwC Hong Kong. He is a co-creator of “The House Of Dancing Water,” the world’s largest water-based theatrical experience at the City of Dreams in Macau. Jesko will discuss this from a perspective of Performing Arts, as well as Experience Design. Previously, Jesko served as the associate director of Strategic HR as the leader of an Innovation & Transformation hub for an industry-leading fortune 500 company in Asia.

Greg Horowitt is a Kauffman Fellow, and co-founder and Managing Director of T2 Venture Capital, a seed and early stage venture fund and advisory services firm focused on high impact innovation in the technology and healthcare sectors. We have heard him once describe his job as “building bombs in the basement”. Greg will describe how Venture Capitalists see Innovation, and the importance of promiscuity for exaptation. Greg is also a co-author of The Rainforest: The Secret to Building the Next Silicon Valley

Jason Korman is the co-founder and CEO of the Culture Design Group, gapingvoid. Jason is serial entrepreneur who spent his early career in the wine business. At age of 24, he created La Crema Winery from the assets of a bankrupt Sonoma County wine producer, eventually farming nearly 200 acres of vineyard and running three different facilities in Northern California. Jason will discuss how Cynefin has informed his work with gapingvoid, which uses art to make businesses more human. The core concept informing Jason’s work is the belief that business and products connect with people in complex, emotional ways.

This webinar was moderated by Zhen Goh, who has worked closely with all 3 panelists in their separate areas.

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