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A series of interviews: October 2020

Cognitive Edge’s Ian Macdonald hosts a series of interviews with several wonderful and fascinating people in Brazil who have been close to and part of bringing Cynefin into the country through ether their work, study, teaching or practice. The interviews are casual chats (in Portuguese) that run though how and when Cynefin first became part of their lives, how it currently impacts how they see the world and perhaps more intriguingly where they see the framework most supporting future developments around in their lives, Brazil and the world.

Alexandre Magno - Founder and CEO of Emergee - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Gino Terentim - Facilitator & Trainer - Brasília - Brazil

Vitor Massari - Founder and CEO of Hiflex Group - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Marco Ornellas - Business Consultant & Trainer - Sao Paulo - Brazil

Eduardo Giacomazzi - Business Consultant - Sao Paulo - Brazil

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