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This week CE hosted an open webinar on the topic of Cynefin & Theory of Constraints.  This webinar featured CE practitioners and TOC experts, Steve Holt, Jabe Bloom, Greg Brougham, and Hilbert Robinson.  Steve Holt was the lead host and the others served as the panel of experts, some with more Cynefin experience while others with TOC experience and many with both!

We are sharing this webinar openly with all who would like to watch.  To watch the webinar recording we ask for your email address and we kindly request you give our mailing list a try!  You can always opt out 🙂

Here’s a link to the webinar recording.

If you enjoy this webinar be sure to sign up for the full 2-day Masterclass on Cynefin & TOC with Steve Holt and Dave Snowden July 11-12, 2019 in Chicago!  Here’s a link to the Masterclass.

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