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Cynefin, SenseMaker® and leadership in uncertain times

Premium Webinar Recording: April 2020

This Premium Member webinar touches on the very real-world application of complexity theory, and use of the Cynefin framework to support distributed leadership as the organisation navigates COVID-19 social distancing disruptions.

In this webinar, Zhen Goh chats with Gabriel Jurj, the Managing Director of Waters Romania. Gabriel manages the office in Romania, where his teams are responsible for the software development for Waters’ range of chromatography, mass spectrometry and thermal analysis innovations.

Gabriel and Cognitive Edge have been working together for close to a year now. What started with an Agile Pulse in SenseMaker® to understand the state of Water’s Agile transformation, grew into a portfolio of safe-to-fail experiments, supported by on-going coaching and training in complexity principles and Cynefin.

Tune into this webinar to hear how Gabriel has managed to leverage on complexity to provide leadership in these uncertain times. In this session, he will discuss how the cadence of stand-ups and retrospectives can be altered to provide more check-in points, and how the shared knowledge of the Cynefin framework has supported decision-making across the organisation.

Waters has also been utilising SenseMaker® for journaling of observations around their change initiatives. In response to the COVID-19 disruptions, the same journaling tool has been exapted to provide an on-going finger on the pulse of the now distributed workforce, acting as an on-going feedback loop to help Gabriel understand how best to support his teams.

This webinar is great for:

  • Understanding the real-world applications of our methods, tools and training
  • Hear from a client-practitioner on his experience managing through the COVID-19 crisis
  • Understand the way Cognitive Edges’s methods can be assembled and leverage for a comprehensive whole-of-organisation engagement

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