Or is it just Cuban complexity?

I’m currently consumed with getting the word out about Complejidad 2010, the 5th biennial conference on the Philosophical Applications of Complexity Theory, which will be held next January 6-8 in Havana, Cuba.

Doyne Farmer will deliver the opening talk, Niles Eldredge the closing address. Daniel Brooks, John Collier, Alvaro Moreno, and Steve Wallis, among others, will present papers. Bob Ulanowicz, Carl Rubino, and I will be conducting a pre-conference workshop on Complexity, Self-Organization, and Awe.

The conference will be followed (Jan 9-10) by a workshop on redfish.com’s NetLogo software.

There are approximately 600 scholars working in this field throughout the island, with applications from epidemiology, to linguistics, to organizational theory.

Is it applied complexity… or an example of complexity in action?

Check out what we’ve accomplished in 10 years at www.friendsofcomplexitytheoryincuba.org

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