GlobalGiving narrative pilot project: narrative analysis final report

Client: GlobalGiving | Date: August 28, 2010

This report presents the findings of a GlobalGiving project which applied SenseMaker® to engage communities, villages, and cities in Kenya to better understand the impact and effects of community projects (funded and not funded). Citizens across Kenya shared over 3000 stories, some about funded community projects, some about “grassroots” community efforts, and some about life in general. Cognitive Edge’s SenseMaker® methodology and software was used to also gather the citizens thoughts, feelings, and perspectives of each of their stories shared. Patterns across the more than 3000 stories gathered were explored using SenseMaker® Explorer and the insights generated during the analysis is presented in this report.

A data subset has been made available for download with the Final Report for users of SenseMaker® who would like to explore the data.

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