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Two days for the price of one

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Today was one of those odd days that you get in international travel. I’m writing this from the lounge at San Francisco Airport having landed before I took off from Auckland some twelve hours ago and I’ll leave for Washington before I even got the airport to drop the hire car off. It doesn’t matter how many times I do it, the west-east transition over the international dateline is always confusing. It does have some benefits however and I’ve made a habit of going walking on the day of travel, using the shower at the airport in the early evening before boarding. Getting some fresh air and exercise before being dumped in an aluminium tube is beneficial. Today I ended up having a key brunch meeting so I didn’t have time for a full day walk, that was yesterday. But I did out manage a couple of one hour walks around and about Phia on the coast to the west of Auckland. Coastal paths and forrest walks (bothillustrated) provided camera fodder which yesterday’s overcast conditions did not.

I gave up on work on the plane, too many days too many time zones and I suspect the six hours to Washington will pass easier if I go into a coma but there are some critical deadlines that if I don’t work on the plane it will be a sleepless night in the Marriott when I arrive just after midnight. Next week is frantic, KM World for two days followed by various military sessions on Wednesday then back to the UK and onto Crete for my first TedX on the weekend. Several blog posts need to be written and I’m trying to get back into a daily habit …